hey hello! im salamango, i'm 25 (1997 :P) and im an italian that live in Milan, Italy

I've made this site in 9 september 2021, I've started it as a way for explore my curiosity about the coding world and surfing all corners of web,

been surrounded by technology and gaming since young age and always attracted me,
when I've found about the indie web and neocities felt like at home and started to experiment like a personal digital canvas rather than just surfing old web and staring at cool codes without understanding them, studying everyday html and css by 1 year now

about canvases, this site display mostly personal art and design, i love to draw especially exploring different mediums and mixing them, I've done professional graphic design school but dropped it

i still like to do edits but nothing big also forgot most of things with the years, nowdays i like more exploring portrait, pixelart and uv/blacklight art

the site contains probably kpop and related references here and there, been a kpopper since 2014 to 2018/9 and influenced a lot my life

a part of the site is another site, as i can't make a second site im just coding it like a sub-site (idk how to call it in English) and is dedicated to my first favorite game: viva piƱata


anything sweet, cute stuff, neon, animals, glitter, space themed things, retrogaming, retro web, j-fashion, simulation games, rainbow, shiny stuff, geology, cybergoth, kpop and related, kdrama, jpop and related, electronic sounds, colorful stuff, chocolate, hugs, warm stuff, every season, snow, calligraphy, kandi, cyberpunk and related, making a list is endless damn i can write all day, fluffy stuff and plushies, post-punk and related, tattoos, chemistry and physics, fruit and candy flavoured perfumes, fruit and veggies (especially cherimoya, mango, banana, avocado), big tall hair, being gentle and/or elegant (with the right people, or i will destroy you, don't make me angry it's not a good sight)

other places where you can find or contact me:


discord: TheGlitterSalamango#5400




I'm a White's Tree Frog!

Also known as the Smiling Tree Frog or Dumpy Tree Frog due to the nature of its appearance, this frog is a very hardy creature and a favorite pet of amateur frog owners, although some pet owners complain that they are not active enough. These frogs love to eat, which can make them quite fat, hence their "dumpy" appearance. Unlike many frogs, these frogs do well with other frogs of their species and are fairly friendly. They like a warm and moderately humid habitat and eat larger insects like crickets, cockroaches, locusts, moths and beetles.

What kind of Frog are you?

I've got Fergy Fudgehog!

Fergy Fudgehog

You got Fergy! you like to live life at a slow pace, and you'd probably enjoy a good nap rather than a crazy night out. You know what it's like to enjoy the good life, but some of your friends might call you lazy, even a slob, at times. you might not be the most confident, but you have friends who will always support you through any trials and tribulations

Which Viva Pinata Character are you?

Which Minecraft Mob Are You?

Which Minecraft Mob Are You?

I am american cheese!

Cheese Test: What type of cheese are you?

you are seagreen

Your dominant hues are cyan and green. Although you definately strive to be logical you care about people and know there's a time and place for thinking emotionally. Your head rules most things but your heart rules others, and getting them to meet in the middle takes a lot of your energy some days.

Your saturation level is higher than average - You know what you want, but sometimes know not to tell everyone. You value accomplishments and know you can get the job done, so don't be afraid to run out and make things happen.

Your outlook on life can be bright or dark, depending on the situation. You are flexible and see things objectively.
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I am 167 centimeters tall. This makes me taller than 10.4% of men and 65.2% of women.

I will be 10000 days old on Thursday November 28th, 2024
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