Site updates

November 2021

❀ 8/11/2021 ❀
✰ I've been doing a lot of changes this weeks but I forgot to write it down lol, the bigger change is the index that now is divided into home and index because the editor lags and still lags a lot on mobile with long lines and was too cluttered so I cleaned the code a bit with better code and help with errors with that showed a lot my horror syntax

❀ 12/11/2021 ❀
✰ finally changed the index! I had some troubles but now is up, still need to make a lot of changes too, I've added even pages for tiles, blinkies and dollz so the graphics page is complete now.

✰ this days been working on the new homepage, older style until december for Xmas theme, but I've made a more grid style looking like the new index, still not published because need add a lot of stuff
✰ installed windows 95 font from with @font-face on css archived past version of the site:

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