Site updates

september 2021

❀ 04/10/2021 ❀
✰ added site view counter
✰ added images animations with css from

❀ 09/10/2021 ❀
✰ added fake weather gif from August 1997 for fun and aesthetic I wish I had found my birthday from 13 July instead, added link to original site

❀ 11/10/2021 ❀
✰ added new kaoani page and linked to homepage button, including 7 kaoani original and fanart (minecraft bee and pokémon pikachu)

❀ 12/10/2021 ❀
✰ deleted the cute pandas counter because didn't worked and counted fake visitors at every refresh, h but added a new counter that works as virtual travel flags collection game :D
✰ added javascript "This page was last updated" in all html files so it appear at bottom page and update automatically the site
✰ reordered the update section from "oldest to newest" to "newest to oldest" so the new updates are the first that will show up instead of the first update made, it looked like I never updated the site by a month
✰ viva piñata sub main homepage fansite is on! Still veeeeery work in progress and gonna add a lot of stuff with the time, I have so many ideas in brain but little coding beginner skills, for now just an unfinished intro

❀ 15/10/2021 ❀
✰ changed temporarily the homepage to Halloween theme, time to get spooky hehehe ewe 🦇
✰ known issues: its been some days I'm trying to fix the homepage to center and the decorations to floating correctly that are displaying incorrectly on pc, as I have access only to mobile and code everything from mobile is difficult to guess how it displays on pc, I'm still trying to find what have made them break I hope to fix it this week at least T.T

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