1 year of neocities, 1 year of web development

this article is not finished, if see this it means is still work in progress

1 year is already passed, through this time learned a lot of new things while making slowly a tiny dream come true, including a new world that i could't imagine was so happy

i don't remember the first time i've actually heard the word neocities, but i remember how i've found about it and why i've made a website

i've always wanted to have a website where to code since young age but i wasn't sure where to start, at age 13 in 2010 needing to choose an high school where to go instead of getting into graphic design (or other artistic options) i wanted even to get into computer science classes but graphic design took over my decision, yet there was still t.i.c classes (technology of information and comunication translated) and graphic design classes where would use computer and photoshop so i was happy that way
but later i regretted that not because didn't liked graphic design i loved it, or because my class was an hell, but because really liked working with tech stuff and t.i.c after the 2nd year got deleted as not part of my high school program

through this years been fascinated by stuff like cyberpunk, pixelart, anything that was involved in the coding technology even if just into a form of some sort art (or aesthetic?) in my brain without actually practicing it was enough for be happy (well aside being into foss, rooting and flash random firmware in my android phones to the point of almost brick)

later in 2019 started to go around websites because wanted to research about viva pinata like the usual and got myself into an archive.org black hole that lead me here on neocities first by finding theoldnet.com, surfing from website to website i wondered why sites like those didn't exist anymore, i wished those colorful websites full of fun content still existed somewhere
after through oldavista.com, a site similar to the oldnet.com and recently made its first anniversary too!

that made me think if was possible to make something like this on the modern web, i knew stuff like windows93.net exist so was possible but was too advanced something of that genre for a noob
so in the search bar i've written something like "free website host for mobile" or similar because i didn't had a computer for years until this may and the only option was finding miracolously something that worked on mobile, had cloud storage and had an online editor; neocities had all 3 and looked like mirage

yep, that was really the point of non return

the first neocities websites i've found was gifypet, cinni, melonking, arkmsworld, nowdays still love them and the first attempts was inspired by their websites