digital diary


continuos rain

the weather is horrible here in lombardia but everywhere is worse, the climate change made that continue to rain by days so much concentrated that from having dried rivers/lakes because didn't rained properly for 1 year there's several floods now caused by an abnormal typhoon,
seeing places i used to go full of mud, with landslides, water high meters and evacuated people because of uninhabitable houses plus no electricity is terrible, more the years passes and more dangerous weathers get more frequent as if earthquakes wasn't enough,
may the weather have mercy and stop to rain so much but i've read is arriving another new typhoon that hits even here in north-west so idk

idk how much can concretely help but i'm leaving a link here i've found in the official emilia romagna region website for flood funds helps:

sleep schedule ruined, pong videogame

serious climate change aside this days are meh, i'm not sleeping well again so i stay wake up all night and my body feels dizzy, my sleep schedule is ruined again by insomnia, i want do stuff but feels like my brain can't concentrate, writing anything for fun feels like writing a timed essay for school, i'm trying to distract but is difficult, plus is again cold

about programming i've realized i've got too ambitious due early extra happiness so i should slow down, when looked at stuff noticed they're all at a too high level for now so i will learn a bit of basic code, looking at suggestions for begginners will try to make something like pong instead of something too big for my current abilities


jungle adventure

this week there is the sims 4 bundle of 3 dlc for free on epic games store and didn't been playing for a while sooooo... i've played the sims for 2 days because is too fun

i've done a new family that is focused on the dlc i've got, so can use those 2 new skills that it's quite fun but too bad i've already finished to upgrade 1 of those, also explored the whole jungle aside the blocked parts lol,
about the house taken a tiny terrain at first with the no water/electricity challenge but i've switched to a bigger terrain with electricity now because comfy, the style i'm building and playing is in the style of the the sims 1 bustin out hippie camp: everything outdoor, many plants, grilling hotdogs, and using the jungle dlc stuff because are pretty;
also another indie the sims pixelart adjent game called tiny life got released even on steam finally, i had tried it when was in alpha and was great with very the sims 1 vibes, now the version i used with the latest updates turned in official demo but would love to get it on a day, i recomend it 👍 i have somewhere in the dashboard a page where wanted to make a recension a very long time ago but i never finished it, also actually is what inspired me again after given up the other day to learn how to programm


i'm trying hard to not let my emotions drive me, but it continue to happen, anytime happen something negative and i go to write in the diary for distract and highlight the positive things of the day, but i always end up writing long sentences that make me waste my time because anyway i never publish them but eventually will continue to circle in loop in my brain until sleep by being tired for stop my overflowing thoughts, idk how to stop yet i'm trying


chill walk for grocery that ended up forgetting the main item, reflection

today didn't do much yet i'm happy, my body feels quite tired even if i've been just walking around my neighbourhood this morning but worth it

went at bar with mom for a coffee always a macchiato with half 1 teaspoon sugar for her because like it bitter and an empty brioche i usually like any type as long is good but empty are light plus especially if made with butter dough are good for any mood been chitchatting for about 1 hour,
got an adapter for microphone jack at dollar store because mom microphone is too big and when connect it don't work idk something in the computer settings is to set up and we still haven't found,
then in the return remembered that oven paper for bake finished so taken the time for help her with grocery, while we both forgot that the main task was to go at pharmacy for her oxygen mask she uses at night about the medicine water bottle that put in that oxygen machine is finishing, so tomorrow need to go out again for the same thing
at the dollar store got even a crotchet hook, i always wanted to use the wool but knitting is difficult and the other crotchet hook is for cotton,

the cold look like is going away again here, today was quite sunny so was warm finally i need some sun because i look like a mozzarella for how low tan i have i need to do photosynthesis my body is screaming for the lack of vitamin d probably,
also look how cute poppies are, yesterday got a photo to them even if was quite windy

about coding and programming i didn't forget, but i did forget there was eurovision i usually watch, i was just busy, as saturday my older sister went surprise visiting us for moms day, last month my sister turned 40 and this month my 4th newphew turned 6 i can't believe how time fly fast, the other day i've spent the whole day with them,
also my younger brother might get a work in supermarket he's so energetic and happy this days because might get accepted i'm so happy for him, this year will turn 20
often we fight because very different minds and we are kinda 7 years apart so he's a brat zoomer in my eyes and i'm a boring zillenial in his eyes, but since this year we don't fight anymore, we've been living more peacefully and is great (aside for who can sit on the comfy couch, i always end up on the chair, or always doing mischievous pranks each other), sometimes as live together even spend hours together without picking the forks each other so is a good sign lmao, but i care of him as his my youngest sibling despite all no matter how he make me angry or worried i always forgive him (aside when he blowed up my house multiple times in minecraft with tnt, i will never forget, i should ask him to make a new map on xbox and play together this days last time was this december probably, but he prefer probably watch another marvel movie)
also i'm starting to apprecciate weirdly his music, i'm not musically a fan of italian rappers or rappers aside exceptions (italian music in general too even if sometimes listen it isn't my first choise) and similar but that singer called liberato got some nice dance tunes and the videos are good too also this years there been some gems in the giant pool of modern rap music,

12/05/2023 - 13/05/2023 night (not finished)

Hello, World!

it worked!

in the last entry i've mentioned that wanted to install MonoGame and install .NET SDK 6 for use them on vscode, also mentioned that didn't knew exactly what was .NET (not the sites domain) but since then i continued wondering where i had seen it before in a familiar place:

while having a tech talk with mom because often talk together of tech stuff and when do something new of anything i usually can't wait to say it happily to her and viceversa,
turned out i had seen the .NET on some old floppy disks, she still have various .NET floppys and some of them was for Windows NT, though she barely used them she mentioned her usual story of that time that made for amiga commodore worchbench that is still in the basement a custom drawer with drawn a cute mouse when clicked, i've heard that story thousand times but is always fun;
talking about .NET unlocked some memories is so strange how something tiny can bring to a full conversation, also i always admire her experience especially as it used to be more difficult to learn how to do stuff, learned with a basic computer science course and an ibm computer with only a green screen decades ago from a book and almost no italian translations while not knowing english,
with all that she knows and experienced yet she loves the new technology and amazed that the current world is so advanced always wanting to try the new stuff, even though the old stuff can be cool can see where we both share futuristic ideals rather than being overly nostalgic even in the tiny stuff;

anyway returning to the main topic yesterday been fighting with the computer and the powershell terminal until 3 am i've installed them, started a test project and for practice tried to do the hello world, again fighting with the terminal and vscode, plus now i've written down stuff on notepad for not forget, for the hello world project i've tried to use w3schools from this page but was a tragic failure until used another tutorial.

for MonoGame installation and vscode MonoGame setup i've followed this tutorial:,
because while trying to search a way for install it because the official tutorial (1st step, 2nd step) was too difficult for my minuscule brain that was giving a 404 not found;
with words unknown to me as have no programming experience, i guess it's expected to have a bit of knowledge about it like many other tech stuff, but i always look at tutorials that give extra simplified step by step even better with images, even when know stuff, because i often make mistakes or are intimidating,
like that time that i had made my phone non-rooted with the risk of brick it permanently but it worked, even with css at the start had the same problem learning flex and still sometimes more experienced stuff can be very difficult,

returning to monogame there's written that don't need installer anymore and when click on download it bring a page with various packages to install with no clue what was the right one and how to install without an installer on the terminal, i've tried even to look on the official github repository but still no clue and downloaded nothing for stay safe
so i've searched for "how to install monogame vscode" on browser, between the various links my eyes noticed a reddit post from 2019 called "The Ultimate Guide to Getting Started with MonoGame and Visual Studio Code" and the top comment from 11 months ago links to the updated version of it so thought that was worth a chance aka the tutorial i've linked above

so following the tutorial i've read the "get started" section where:

  1. first thing was to download .NET SDK 6.0 from the official microsoft marketplacei've noticed there's even a 7 probably a newer version but sticked with the instructions and installed from the downloaded installer

  2. when finished opened the terminal by doing windowskey+r for open run tool writing cmd for open the powershell terminal

  3. in the terminal written "dotnet --version" for check if was properly installed

  4. the following without download anything from the monogame site i've written in the terminal "dotnet new --install MonoGame.Templates.CSharp" that done a bunch of stuff for download the monogame templates so i guess was already integrated in the .NET 6 pack, with this anything went well aside 1 error i still haven't understand what is so i've ignored it and i will try to understand what is later because it worked anyway what i needed
  5. then errors because tried to do stuff to earlier

  6. then written "dotnet new mgdesktopgl -o MyGame
    cd MyGame"
    for create a new game project, i've substituted "MyGame" with "TestGame" because is just a test

  7. with this had arrived the time for see if actually worked, written "dotnet run" running the .NET framework for see it something would happen, but as i continue to write the wrong path i thought i had broken something lol

  8. this is what happened with the right path, i've now done this screenshot because forgot to do most screenshots, the lightblue window should be the "game", but as the file is empty it appears nothing (i think)

  9. then done "dotnet publish -c Release -r win-x64 -o artifacts/windows --self-contained" but idk really what it does i just followed the tutorial

  10. for last i've done "dotnet mgcb-editor Content/Content.mgcb" for run the MonoGame content builder editor or whatever, i'm still trying to understand it but i guess it's to early, but it opened

with this i thought that was finished lmfao, nope, the "get started" section was just the installation and the creation of the project :)

sooooo now the 2nd step, "Developing with Visual Studio Code" section for learn how to put the project on vscode

  1. for first the requirement is installing vscode but i already had this so no problem and skipped that
  2. the second step is to opening the folder, it says that can drag the folder (MyGame in the tutorial, but i had changed it in TestGame) so did it for test it, but discovered later (why didn't i thinked about it before? it was simpler and more common like in other programs) can do it even by going on "file" and select "open folder..." click on the desired folder and confirm clicking "select folder", then touch nothing else but can see there's already some default files that was previously created automatically, the files should be this ones:
  3. then the 2nd requirement is to install c# extension, so i've clicked the extensions button and searched it in the marketplace (this one in photo and link, the official one)
  4. the forth step is to create a .vscode folder for configuration with tasks.json and launch.json. files in it , my editor automatically created both the folder and 2 files so no problem, there's even written to change the csproj and dll name in the files if didn't matched with the project name but they was alright, most of stuff inside at the moment i don't understand it but the use it's probably important
(monogame and hello world diary entry aren't finished, missing 2 chapters, will add them later i'm sleepy)

off topic about the weather i talked too fast, rained again, snowed on high mountain and now feels again november, last week i had taken away almost all the blankets and winter stuff because too hot and now had to put them again;
rn i'm writing with 2 blankets on shoulders before freezing, plus drank 2 soluble cappuccini half water half milk today now i feel like a squirrel that eaten too much sugar,
not the best coffee and probably not ok for my health as caffeine make me nervous not that usually i'm calmer so usually try to avoid them but was so tempting that was super delicious


The start

yesterday in the previous diary entry i've mentioned that i've got an idea, since yesterday i'm looking around for stuff on how to start game development:
for first i've downloaded Libresprite for pixelart drawing, i could use gimp but i'm not comfortable some things like the zoom tool and here can see sprites animations i guess? for now its pretty and useful, i want to draw some terrains tiles like grass, water and dirt as floor
for second i've installed Tiled, as the idea is 2d isometric style i thought that something like this can be useful for maps and levels, not that understand i never done a game or done anything near that, as my first experience it gonna be fun and gonna learn a lot
for third i want to install MonoGame but i'm trying to understand how to actually install it and run it on vscode it look so complicated X_X maybe i shouuld find something more simple, it says that need .NET 6 but idk what's the use for it and have no experience with .NET too, it should be already installed in the computer maybe? i should search in the computer infos...
also i've downloaded audacity but still haven't installed, i thought something for audio was useful but ofc not gonna use it right away, but was searching anyway something for audio editing even outside this

about the coding idk what to learn for it, there's so many languages but want to find the right one, i continue to read about C# so i think i will try that and the syntax on w3schools don't seems too chaotic just like python unlike javascript, i've always heard the name C++ too like for minecraft bedrock and xbox games, maybe i should learn C as both are based on C? my head is confused a bit at the moment just like when started web dev with the thousand names between html, css, sass, markdown, rss, difference between java and javascript and so on

off topic, currently is raining again, there's so much thunders i guess the rain season arrived, hope there not gonna be an icestorm with ice of the size of ping pong balls


dear diary, again

restored the diary, gonna use it for write tiny things now mostly positive without ending up overshare my irrational thoughts driven by negative emotions or external problems, i usually don't delete the css files because usually i recycle them or keep them like a drawing so was easy to set up again.

hello warm sun, rainy days

this week i haven't been out a lot, i actually wanted to go out but there's too much pollen so can't go out in company with mom without her being allergic and i've just lazily taken the excuse for skip again going out alone yet i should go out alone
the weather is nice nowdays: the pollen look like spring snow is magical, the sun is bright warm due the summer approaching, flowers everywhere there's so much poppies, birbs chirping even during night and swallows fast flying in the sky,
there's no more cold can finally sit in the balcony and watch the landscape of houses roofs while losing myself in the music of the earphones even though the view isn't the best
as live in a chaotic neighbourhood at the borders of the city with skyline glass skyscrapers visible built fast like mushrooms at the horizon can count at least 12 cranes;

this days rained 3 days straight mostly during night it's nice to see the rain again, this years didn't rain for months straight or rain with damages and icestorms or strong wind the effects of climate change are terrible
this year there been no real snow here and even the alpes mountain chain silhouette from the windows aren't white like before anymore and now with summer coming the next month gonna say goodbye to it for the beautiful green and brown colors of the mountains,
i've heard the po river had hydro emergency again this months so i hope is good again with the rain that happened but i doubt is enough, also the stinky air of smog and dump, this summer gonna be super hot i can already feel it, hope don't go above 45 c° because last summer was tiring for how i love summer as a season

coding thoughts

what's the future of this website? i have no idea, got many ideas like for some time i've thought to delete it for restart somewhere else, or to delete everything and rewrite everything, or to change host, or to just disappear and keep everything offline,
i love coding but something drained my motivation since some months and have constant thoughts that i prefer keeping in my brain instead of saying out loud but that's something that happens since forever even before having a site, the best is to ignore my overthinking brain and acting positive;

but now i've got my motivation back, as those thoughts was fueled by bad thoughts and i love coding, i feel like since i started code i gained back a bit of what i had lost by dropping out of graphic design and advertising school, but i still have a lot to learn
how mentioned in the changelog i want to make some more modern layouts but idk where to start, maybe by making soft looking css transitions and glass looking designs, they're pretty and clean relaxing at the eye,
the problem is that my rainbow palette clashes with that so i need to balance it, also the new layout i've made again don't make me convinced plus is broken in some viewports, i should try more color palettes and sketch down more different layouts

also i've got a bit into art again, i'm doodling a bit nothing serious some minimalistic cactus plants and flowers, i've got even a videogame idea but i have no programming skills plus last time i tried i had given up but not again, i'm sketching and writing on paper some stuff and i think will be something like a isometric simulator if ever i will be able to even move the character or start the program lmfao, i think i will go with learning c# for it