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they can be quite disturbing or personal, and some very abstract and fantasy

19-12-2022 exploration dream with many animals ended again with numb arm
didn't updated the dreams page in 2 months because everytime i dream or i forget what happened or remember but forget to write it down and forget the dream but! this time i forgot for like 3 days to update yet still is kinda vivid
it started that i was with a tall big bald dude wearing fur saying that was going to hunt some deer in the forest kinda looking like a fantasy videogame viking, anyway in the forest the dude didn't appeared anymore aside for saying that if seen some magical lighted stairs to go up and some divinity animals would appear
the forest had veeeeery tall trees like skyscrapers and was very empty the soil was mostly dirt and tree branches no moss or grass and at some point seen this very tall trasparent sparkly stairs that looked like was made of stars and sparkles one was yellow and the other was reddish-pink like a rose, the stairs structure was similar to the jungle trees i like to axe on minecraft, spiral tall trees to the sky, anyway after some parkour and they was very narrow a lot times almost fallen a jackalope and a deer both looking like those stairs: trasparent sparkly yellow deer and pink jackalope fly down and then go away, going up there was useless aside seeing those beautiful magical creatures
the forest was very silent alone so decided to walk around and a group reached for saying that they was searching for some archeological stuff so i joined them, around the forest with the group which i don't remember aside this old gentle sir would find mostly junk like miniatures of house furniture and old greek-roman vases, i remember loving a miniature of a lightblue plastic desk and wanting to bring it home as souvenir, at some point found a room in the middle of the forest with many old (normal sized) wood furniture full of pieces inside the display cabins, old jewels and paper manuscripts the expedition was complete,
with the group decided to go in an house and bringing those finds to a person, the house was kinda old that too, in the meanwhile one of the younger persons of the group received an emergency call we rushed out and another group was trying to save an injured dog rescued in the forest, we brought the tiny persian greyhound dog out the forest to doctors in the place where we was another dog was intensly staring at me, fortunately looked like had no injuries was just sleeping,
while waiting for the report they asked if we could adopt the injured dog and we wanted to, after answering yes the pug that before was staring aggresively run and bitten my hand 4 fingers aside the thumb, while trying to escape noticed the resting dog wasnt actually sleeping but was fainted full of bites suggesting that was the pug that attacked the persian greyhound in the forest
awakened from the sleep without escaping, the biting dog was once again my hand going dormant like always
usually wolves biting me are a reoccurring thing in my nightmares usually especially usually represent my ex-step father, this time weirdly and for the first time was a dog and wasn't a nightmare, i wonder what's different but better like this, as a tiny kid actually been biten by our family dog at the hand but i don't think this 3 things are linked, i miss so much nerino even if i remember nothing of him aside the photos and vhs my father recorded

11-10-2022 short terraria dream
dreamed that i was in cave under ocean and found a basic chest, under that chest there was another cave with a chest and on the side another with a chest
then awakened, that's it
really played too much terraria lately LOL

22-09-2022 foggy geology dream
i remember nothing, just that i went into a sorta of realistic vr game where could touch stuff like real life and had my modern appartment behind a waterfall where could arrive through an iron round stair,
anyway got to find some rocks (love geology stuff i wish to learn more about it) and was super happy to have collected some yellow pale looking sulphur rocks (i love how they look like irl one of my fav rocks aside malachite also know are both toxic btw)
when returned at the appartment i made it into dust the problem is that i touched the dust and my hands started to get swollen itchy like if touched a cactus
i stayed more in the dream with hands always more swollen and unable to open and close my hand
after i've wake up because i got sleepy with my phone and computer forgotten turned on so my mom waked me up, why hand was dormant that's probably why i've dreamnt again stuff like this, often get body parts dormant and tend to dream it while sleeping

14-09-2022 boring dream, got lost again
dreamed that i was goin around a brownish colored mall that remind me about "citylife" mall, a medium sized one, i've sit on a bar i think was something like starbucks (btw their frappé sucks i don't get the appeal of american like drinks/coffee they're all watery, taste just like tasteless ice) and was drinking a frappé something, after someone called for doing tranfer an the whole dream just walked with stuff on my shoulders, at one point accompaining someone at their home for return at my home i got lost, the dream finished that i never found the way and ended up lost on a street/underpass bridge with agoraphobia hitting me because was alone, quite boring and scary dream

20-08-2022 foggy happy dream
remember nothing, just that i was an astronaut living in a space station with a team, and earth was a beautiful place but very minimalistic solarpunk, white tall skyscrapers with grass, honestly could been irl a place near center garibaldi zone or citylife zone here in milan by the landscape but wasn't it

14-08-2022 recourring nightmare
i've dreamed the usual recourring nightmare i do frequently but always in different settings, but got more violent;
i don't remember a lot fortunately but my ex step father slammed me on the floor like on a wrestling ring by the neck in a fight at home.
weirdly lately been dreaming a lot but all this nightmares and difficulty to sleep again (gone to sleep at 6 am and frequently woke up) are a bad sign and my body start feeling tired due lack of sleep
the nightmare felt again a lot similar to what happened irl some times times before turning 18 years old, i hope to forget a day but i still can't.

10-08-2022 half fantasy dream half worries of past
at first i was on a place with entire streets made of wood and houses made by stacked wood blocks but i remember nothing of that but was weird
after the dream completely changed, i was in sicily again like years ago into catania for go at messina and after siracusa
was deep night walking on principal streets probably at fish street market or something, the street was full of yellow-orangeish lights and people just like if was day
walking on the sea dock made of wood out of water there was a fish looking at me, was flying like an hummingbird, white and trasparent with 2 stripes yellow and blue on the back near the fin i think was breathing like a dolphin, going near the fish it very shy retreated into water with just eyes out
continuing to walk on the dock with fishers selling fish to persons i've seen a handmade candles market and pointing at them i've said to mom "look those are the candles you talked about"
the whole dream i was with my mom and my real father... the only and last time i've been there i was with him, in the dream we was together and happy it's weird, irl him is like a stranger for me aside the few times i've tried to know him and i hate him, i wish reality was like this dream
made a drawing of the fish and the dock with the shiny fish

05-08-2022 sleep paralisis
was feeling the body paralized, i couldn't move the body and was aware of it
continued to try to get up by bed but when trying to walk for get help always fallen on the floor like if my legs had no strenght and head spinning fast by feeling vey sleepy
and again and again the same scene on repeat
until when woke up i was breathing bad and my arm was feeling numb, i think passed half year since last sleep paralisis

around early 04-2022, a week before 11-04-2022 weird fantasy dream
long sand colored dragons in front of my room balcony going at my left, in front of my balcony theres an appartment and in the left of home in both 2 balcony see alpes by far but instead theres an high mountain in the front
clearly not alpes the landscape was more something like mountains in china, sitting on the very top of the mountain i notice a lidl supermarket and wake up lol

11-04-2022 weird viva pinata dream
don't remember the whole dream but a friend had a problem into viva pinata game
a lickatoad (pinata frog) continued to turn bright shiny gold everytime like a golden dragonache (pinata dragon gold variant) was hit by light, a pretzail and some other pinatas (fox) was standing up like a human
friend thinked was a game bug
the landscape was a jungle with huge trees reminding about the sims island scenery, the lickatoad was green like the usual before getting hit by light, also wasnt really there because was an hologram projected above a rock same for pretzail
the golden lickatoad instead of regular size was big and tall like a washing machine
not had nightmares during those weeks