Tuna Pasta (for 3 or 4)

put water inside a medium/big sized pot, the water gonna take 3/4 the space of the pot
put the water filled pot on the fire at medium heat for boil it,
in the meanwhile put a not huge fist of salt in the water
when the surface of the water (not the surface of pot) do BLOOBLOOBLOO bubbles like Big Bubbles put 500g of pasta in the water whatever type is ok, i've used sedanini rigati(sedanini with stripes, not smooth)
always look at the pasta if not get attached stuck on the bottom of the pot if happens take a big spoon and stir it until everything is floating again
if the water get too high and risk to go out the pot reduce the fire heat
for see it pasta is getting cooked correctly take 1 piece of pasta from the pot with fork/spoon/whatever and taste it when don't burn, if is too hard let it boil more
when is almost ready get a medium pan on another flame and put the tuna with the oil in the pan for heat it at low heat, stir a bit the tuna while it get heated and press a bit with the fork when pasta is ready/al dente get some cooking water from the pasta and put it in the tuna pan and stir the tuna by making jump the tuna (asked help because i suck at this, idk how to make stuff jump without making everything fall from the pan or burn myself) get rid of cooking water by draining the pasta, when drained put the pasta in the pan together with the tuna stir them together and is reading for dinner, season with whatever tastes good
the plates was very full and some pasta was extra (+1 plate) so i guess it's ok to put even less than 500g of pasta for 3 of not is for 4

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