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List of games i've played with msdos or software with mini reviews and fun recalled memories here and there, not sure about details as i was a kid using mom computer but any computer game i used to run on windows 95 and 98, for example i tried to run "claw" on dosbox emulator lately and look like wasn't dos so i couldn't play it again idk how to make it work unlike other games lol

some are titles, some are descriptions because don't know their names (literally posted on r/tipofmyjoystick about "crazy drake" for finding it) in the hope of finding them again, some maybe gonna put a tiny memory sketch, some classics, a lot was from those 100 games in 1 from tech magazines or from cereal boxes kinda thing too (kinder ferrero games for example), old floppy disks, might put for error even commodore amiga stuff too, weirdly or idk why a lot are from epic megagames too i guess mom loved those especially pinball

fun fact, one time i've formatted the whole disk C: because i was curious about the unknown word "formatta" you can guess how things went later when clicked the happy button, fav mom memory to nowdays to remember me i should't do things impulsively out of curiosity lmao, fortunately she knew how to repair computers because always loved tech and done an informatic course in the 90s

the list goes from the ones i added first to oldest, will update the list with the time collecting infos around the web and admiring cds i can't use anymore, hope to get a cd reader a day but they mostly will no work anymore because scratched or rotten due aging deterioration

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