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nowdays been playing a lot everskies, is a great game with a lot community drawn clothes and backgrounds, joined during the beta but never played the game since this summer

i like a lot dress up / doll makers / fashion simulators games and wanted to find a good substitute to love nikki game since deleted my useless unused facebook account long ago

after years skyrocketed price for f2p users and i honestly usually really hate games with daily quests and ads while still being expensive, only times i've put something in it was with google play free gifts because against spending in games for digital files of temporary games when the servers will gonna be put down + increased difficulty due too much boring repetitive steps as finished to build all the simple outfits (wardrobe around 45% completed) even if quality of drawings increased,

also liked virtualpopstar too but very expensive that one too + difficut to build a wardrobe + not really my fav art style

i just wanted to put together some cool outfits for fun

i just make outfits and not interested in the social part of it just like with every multiplayer game so i like to play solitary unless is for quests, there's a lot choises in styles and clothes are really pretty with many styles, many skin choises and even plus size clothing and body mods, very easy to build a wardrobe without spending a lot as there's a lot of free items, current wardrobe size is 38.660 pieces


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