page for credit stuff I've found around that i use currently into the website and sites from where i study and learn how to code

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for coding most of study or coding snippets (like javascript that i still don't know how to use) is from,,, also stackoverflow

i swear a day i will master not just javascript but most programming languages ewe

(about stackoverflow mostly use it for like when the neocities editor shows me errors and idk what is, like when I've started the site i didn't knew what the heck was "named entity expected got none" and my brain was frying trying to figure out what it was)

for html and css i always try my possible to learn how to do it myself from scratch looking at references and experimenting on them, for references i mean stuff like this for example: html tags alphabetical order reference before checking out if exist premade snippets, learning how to diy is way more fun and better, way more customizable and personal

when use codes from somewhere else i will do my best for credit the webmaster if allow the use and check if the use from the author is open, if something is wrong, improperly credited, or i forgot to credit just let me know in the neocities profile comments or socials like tumblr or my guestbook and i will fast fix it or take it down, i don't want to disappoint anyone if this happens in future I'm sorry in advance

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