tenshineko / mamo

who is tenshineko? i have no idea too, all i've got is an old "mamo" purse with a cute cat print on it and few infos i've got surfing the old web, all the current images there's here aside the purse are from the official website, other various websites, blogs, youtube channels, not mine; i'm gonna link as credit

when I was in middle school my mom gifted me this purse, she got when was still working as a barista (not autogrill but similar) at trade fair expositions events, the event she was working for that time was mipel (International leather and fashion accessories event)

this purse have a printed character similar to hello kitty, for years I didn't had noticed that wasn't a sanrio character, even referenced it often for my oc hello blacky as i was an idiot kid, until I searched for it because I liked it a lot and inspired by it, but found no little infos about it, few images like on pinterest or blogs, and nowdays don't even know if mamo is a knockoff or not

fortunately on the purse theres a website written on, so the first i've done was going in the internet archive

this page will serve as a web rescue shrine, most of the images probably from tenshineko.com, like the background

searching through the broken links and dead flash player files resurected with the help of ruffle extension and a .sfw files decompiler online i've found some useful infos, exist more characters than just tenshineko, also tenshi neko from name on the purse (テンシネコ) means angel-cat (the same period was trying to learn hiragana and katakana but i've abandoned for now the plan)

this is the description i've found dedicated to the cat character "tenshineko":

The angel cat pursues her true love. Today, she comes to earth, transformed herself into a princess cat; sitting on the magnificent pumpkin cart to pursue her soul mate. Therefore, you will see our angel cat in the form of the princess cat in this period of time!

Get To Know Tenshi Neko She is a cute little shy angel who loves all kind of candies and fruits. Whenever she eats sweet thing it increases her power like no one could ever imagine! She is also a nice angel who loves to help other people, that’s because she was born in the heaven where everything is full of happiness!

i think the description is a mix of actual tenshineko and cinderella as theme, from my researches was probably a fashion brand from bangkok, thailand and the various fashion items had a bundle theme, for example discovered that the purse exist in other stamps, mine is green tea themed and the same model have other foods as theme;
also the brand at the start was called mammotsu, got changed in mamo later, also the latest images i could find of tenshineko are in another site linked to the original mamoops.com, after 2019 seems like vanished

the website have even various content like downloadable images for users but them aren't avalaible anymore, from the empty links of files some was 4 wallpapers (800x640 and 1024x768 formats) and an emoji set (aside 1 still existing), they was probably cute looking at the remaining one ;u; gonna put a list of emojis names here for reference because maybe still exist somewhere on the web:

returning to mamo, every character (or characters family?) got it's own website, other characters i've found are: mimori, akumaneko and boso gang

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