what is kamio?

kamio was an editing app for android similar to picsart, or how I've seen often around, an alternative to blingee that didn't required a computer

Kamio was popular around 2013-15 and the style was kinda "very tumblr" i guess even if worked like blingee, I used to use it when I was on Google+ making cringy kpop 2014 fanedits and love for cute stuff like nyan cat

the sites are gone too, but they still exist on archive.org

first version
second version
closed servers notice

I've lost most of my edits andI have just few of them after the servers got closed definitely I was so sad just like when cocoppa themes app closed, the app apk is still around in third party mirrored apk stores but the servers and the original site are dead, but the inside editing still works but just static as I just used the search engine for the gifs

I've downloaded the app for curiosity again and decided to make a tutorial on how to recreate kamio edits in 2021 (I still need to write it or make a video of it)

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