I used to mainly use phone for coding, view, modify, design, draw stuff for my neocities site, I didn't had a personal computer avalaible till may 2022 so was my only choise

This is a page for store, catalogue, rate and review all the apps, games, sites, stuff I like to use from mobile and are mobile friendly (I've ever used only android so I have little no knowledge on other systems aside procreate app)

Unfortunately some of my older fav apps don't exist anymore so I just have knowledge and links, some available just from archive.org, about it but no longer functional because closed servers (kamio app is completely lost)

Also I use too my still working lg etna 11 (LG-C330) from highschool days that never got a software update, for gaming and camera i have a bunch of original and downloaded (oops) java games in it but finding the right resolutions is a mess, fortunately exist j2me emulator app so can use them there but isn't the same experience, so I'm tracking down and rating even that, my old phone nowdays it's just like a portable java console for me

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