B.A.P (비에이피)

"Being chased by time
I ran towards my dreams
Chasing out sleep
My nights ran towards my dreams
The drooping shoulders of six guys
Underneath the streetlight
Were the shadows of youthful days
Running towards their dreams
(Though you fall down hundreds of times, keep getting up, we’ll never break down)
Remember the endless sweat and memories
Our one and only story everything"

B.A.P - Unbreakable (from Warrior album)

story (getting rewritten, not complete, need to add more stuff)

B.A.P (비에이피) is a korean group that debuted under ts entertaiment in 3 stages:

  • in january 2011 the sub-unit Bang & Zelo
  • in march 2011 with the leader Bang Yong-guk
  • and finally with the full 6 lineup in january 2012

the group was composed by 6 members now 5
(one got kicked out in 2019, any reference to the past member is only for past documentation purposes, click here for webmaster personal disclaimer), rappresented by masked alien bunnies from matoplanet called matoki (마토키 short for 마스크 쓴 토끼) nowdays the group is inactive (not disbanded) since 2019 due contractual stuff

"As if the sky has collapsed,
The wind howled loudly,
Many hardships and tests,
The world among those,
The way we wanted it,
The way we were thinking,
It had no intention of flowing our way,
But we held our hands again,
The six of us, with two 2 feets,
All together, so nobody falls down,
Got ready to run again.
Young, Wild and Free
In the end, the world is our story.

B.A.P - Young Wild & Free intro (from Matrix album)


bang yongguk

jung daehyun

yoo youngjae

moon jongup


b.a.p full lineup together in november 2022 before youngjae enlistment, the 3rd of the group

"Warrior is Back
We Gonna Rock This

What’s your B?
I’ll confront and fight for the souls in this street,
What’s Your A?
The starting point of a new revolution
Stop me if you can
What’s your P?
An evil DNA, virus
We have lost all of our warriors
Once again,
what’s the name of the game? B.A.P
Everyone stand up"

B.A.P - Warrior (from Warrior album)


(incomplete, still adding stuff)

January 2011
single debut (BANG&ZELO sub-unit)

Going Crazy
March 2011
Labelmate Song Jieun solo debut from Secret (feat. Bang Yongguk as rap part singer-songwriter)

I Remember
August 2011
Bang Yongguk single debut (feat. Yang Yoseob of B2st/Beast/Highlight)
later remastered with B.A.P bandmate Jung Daehyun in 2012 mini album "Crash"

25 January 2011
debut single album
lead single: Warrior 3 March 2012 promotional single: Secret Love (feat. Song Jieun from Secret)

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