I've discovered k-pop in 2014, searching for toradora anime and vocaloid videos on YouTube I've stumbled upon some misheard lyrics kpop videos, the first song in the video was "infinite - man in love" and the second was "ftisland - severely", the actual first encounter was the known psy's "gangnam style" song actually
the song that really made me say "damn im too deep now and can't go back, I'm a kpopper" and honestly everything looked magical was "shinee - colorful"

the shrine will be more "hallyu wave" than k-pop itself, related topics and genres like k-rock, trot, k-dramas, k-indie, ecc...
nowdays don't follow anymore the kpop trends (4th gen kpop honestly I've never listened to it and late 3rd gen of last years was kinda uh boring) because i simply left the kpop fandom itself (especially distanced myself from the twitter "stan" part of the fandom) but i still listen to some music, more toward discovering random k-rock, 1st gen k-pop, whatever i can find that keep me listening, a tiny part of being a kpopper still exists in my heart

my fav groups was b.a.p and exo,there's many groups and solo singers i loved but this 2 always stayed more in my heart i guess, nowdays my fav group is the trax (yes the band with the funny name, "typhoon rose attack xmas", the best part of the band honestly)

august 2022 playlist

  1. the midnight romance - midnight romance (new!)
  2. the midnight romance - nightmare (new!)
  3. ftisland - unthinkable (new!)
  4. shinee - Y si fuera ella
  5. tvxq!/tohoshinki - utsuroi (new!)
  6. shinee - romantic
  7. sm the ballad - hot times
  8. girls generation - lion heart
  9. u-kiss - neverland
  10. b.a.p - what more i can say


the trax

fav member/bias: rose (no minwoo) and typhoon (jay)

first song: paradox

fav songs: over the rainbow (rock ver.), scorpio, total eclipse, tri-angle (tvxq!/dbsk's song ft boa and the trax)


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