playlist of digital albums and singles i love or liked sorted randomly, click on image for listen them, veeeery work in progress what's here is probably 0.001 of what listen

The SHINee World - The 1st Album 너무 그리워 Miss You - S.M. THE BALLAD Vol.1 꽃보다 남자 (Original Television Soundtrack) Rain RED PLANET We Hate All Kinds of Violence...- The 1st Album Pink LUV Hawwah VOODOO CARNIVAL A Shared Dream Paradise 25 BLAQ Style Scorpio Where's the truth Challenge 4Da Change MAESTRO 소울 커넥션 - Rapsody '2009 As Time Goes By I'm Not Afraid CACTUS TARZAN MYNAME 1ST MINI ALBUM Topp Dogg Arario Special Album Action Without you 정규1집 - SS501 S.T 01 NOW Mine JUST US Flower