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Hewwo OwO, Welcome to my first site!

Hello! I'm Aizer but you can call me salamango or mango, i use they/them pronouns and I'm a 24 years old from Milan, Italy.
I've found neocities.org on September 2022 during my "old or retro sites surfing" hobby I got in this years, now here I overshare my passions, hobbies, stuff I'm just too much in at the moment, rant, I do everything I can I want to create a free caos
In the meanwhile I post about my art and practice graphic design I learned in my unfortunately dropout school experience of my awful teen years but in a useless fun colorful and nowadays outdated way (in my 2012 book there's 2 pages dedicated to flash and described as new rip), also I'm for the first time learning about using html and css now, maybe even javascript

uh oh here's a badge :3

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