around the world

"I've been around the world (Round the world) And I've seen it all (Seen it all) I've been around the world (Round the world) The sun will always rise and fall"

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This is a list I started to compile the last year about some places I liked by years and started to search more and more, I always wanted to travel the world since i was a little kid dreaming to catch em all pokémon like ash

This page is like entering a portal for a new fantasy world, but weirdly it actually exist! Blue lava, pink water, rainbow lakes, black sand and yellow with green water volcanoes, alien like trees, it's all real according to the web, and a day I will be there (or almost as some are a "bit" deadly to human zones) to see them with my own eyes

When I will discover a new place interesting enough to be added into the list I will add it with name, coordinates and nation/city for more accuracy and maybe add a link where to talk about it

The list is from oldest found (in this case my beloved tourist attraction sea of stars, a beach on Vaadhoo Islands Maldives) to newest so for find the new ones need to scroll a bit

Also I forgot to mention that they was originally on my maps app from Google but the shut down the app this week so well I need to copy paste them all -_-

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