how discovered about viva piñata?

viva piñata is one of the first games I've played on xbox 360, the colorful fun cover just attracted me when looking for used games at gamestop back in 2009 i think

about the cartoon was aired on tv during 2010 so used to watch it while watching other cartoons and anime, the whole italian dub aside the ost is impossible to find on internet and ost is very strict on copyright strikes unfortunately so may lose even that a day unfortunately, so i just watch the original in English time to time


my user/nickname salamango originate from salamango, i use salamango as piñatasona

salamango is a salamander pinata evolved from Newtgat, a super cute axolotl pinata

salamango loves way too much spicy red peppers and the name pun with mango

my nickname in origin was actually "the glitched salamango" and not "the glitter salamango"
when entered the (online) fandom i was a lot into cyberpunk, cybergoth and vaporwave during 2015/16 (and still now even more than before uwu, cybergoth ily) but i changed with the years because was more aesthetically close with viva piñata

how discovered about viva piñata fandom

during 2016 (or 2015?) got in my brain to search if existed content about my fav game on the web, i have searched around for a while finding just dead 2006 forums until found existed a niche microscopic fandom on tumblr, got in it by sending asks as an anon because im a social anxious coward instead of starting a conversation lol, fortunately now is way bigger than before even if still niche so it's easier to find :3

this fandom is really special to me because discovered very nice dear persons i bring into my heart everyday, influenced my current art style (and extended it by studying about alebrije) also helped me a lot mentally speaking, even with few flaws it's a fantastic place to stay in TuT